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What If Hospitals and Healthcare Providers Began to Promote Wellness?

It’s a good question – one that administrators and potential patients should be asking when choosing a hospital or healthcare provider. I recently was impressed to learn about a healthcare group who is going to act in such a manner. This hospital chain is going to get rid of the fast food and the contracts that lock them into the cycle of braking all of the rules of a healthy lifestyle. You cannot promote wellness when you are featuring fast foods in your healthcare settings.

Here’s the article that explains the decisions and actions taken to ensure that this healthcare group is acting on their principles. The “Choosing Healthy” campaign is an excellent choice in the implementation of a framework of health and wellness promotion:

“Major Hospital Chain Terminates Lease Early” shows signs that there are some nutrients making their way to the brains of the stakeholders of this organization.

You cannot expect to have healthy employees who are functioning at the top of their professional game when they go to the cafeteria in the hospital and eat burger and fries. Healthy food choices are essential for effective work performance and a healthier lifestyle that is predicated on wellness.

I would hope that other healthcare groups use Allina Health as a model for their wellness initiatives. Progress in this arena is paramount to future success and the promotion of healthcare at all levels of the system. Food first and then the results of healthy daily choices in terms of healthcare and professional management.

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