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TheDoctorsTV and Raw Milk, Parsley Ice Cubes, or Olive Oil for Quick Fixes for Health Problems

I missed the first part of this show when it first aired, so I was glad that I caught the first twenty minutes to be able to tell you the truth about some of the Quick Fixes discussed on this episode. There were some implications made by several of the docs and Liz which I believe deserve further explanation and clarification. You be the judge, since it’s your health we’re all talking about here!

First of all, the subject of Raw Milk was introduced and warnings about pathogens given, but only Dr. Drew wanted to taste the Raw Milk in the glass. He really did taste it and he is still healthy… LOL

Raw Milk can present dangers of contamination by pathogens which will make your digestive system queezy and possibly cause loose stools. There have been reports ranging from nausea to death and this is well-documented. However, the truth of the matter these days is that the people who prefer Raw Milk know enough to take the necessary precautions to keep the milk safe and sterile without exposing it to the problematic pathogens. The Raw Milk that you’ll find in Whole Foods Markets undergoes quality control scrutiny when it is being produced for you by reputable companies. At this time, with the modern standards applied at Raw Milk dairies, you can now trust that they pay attention to all the milk that comes from their dairy production to ensure that it is as healthy and safe as possible. If I drank milk, it would definitely be Raw Milk.

The common denominator is the way the dairy cares for their herd, the care of the udder and teets, and the way the milk is handled in the bottling process. At this time, it is now much better than ever before and those who care enough to bring you their Raw Milk are not going to cut corners or risk their business. They are a different breed of folks who really care about the quality of their product…as if you were family!

I would NOT trust the raw milk that comes from just any old dairy farm. If there are too few hours in the day or too few family members working on a particular day; that’s when corners are cut and the proper procedure is not followed. You need to be particular about the specific dairy that your Raw Milk comes from and once you feel confident that they DO care and won’t cut corners; then you can generally trust their Raw Milk.

Personally, I am not in favor of drinking milk. When it is pasteurized, it loses so much. Then when it is homogenized, the fat globules are altered and are the underlying cause of health problems that present themselves in many adults. Do you know what sludge looks like? That thick, sticky goo… Well, guess what your blood looks like when you consume dairy products that have been processed using the standard pasteurization and homogenization methods. No wonder there are increased incidences of heart disease, obesity, circulatory problems, plaque on your arteries, and liver problems!

I know that some people don’t like soy milk, but I am fine with it in moderation. Rice milk and almond milk are also great substitutes for cow’s milk. Goat milk can also be considered as a replacement for cow’s milk. It tastes bad, unless the goat is getting a good diet; so be careful when selecting goat’s milk. Make sure it’s organic!

Whole Foods Markets Dairy

Olive oil was featured as a Quick Fix for warts that need to be coated with the oil and then suffocated with a band-aid or even duct tape. I haven’t personally used olive oil for warts, since I prefer using an Essential Oil for this purpose. Olive oil was also used for pet health issues. Cleaning mites out of the ear for your dog works with olive oil as a gentle, yet effective solution. The olive oil is equally effective for smothering ticks which will withdraw from the skin when slathered with olive oil. Just be sure to remove them when they let go of their grip! Dr. Oz also suggests that you use a tweezers to safely remove ticks. Just be sure to provide your body with some GSE for two weeks to prevent any tick-borne diseases in your blood.

I had to laugh when Liz tried to apply the parsley ice cube directly to Dr. Jim’s eye area. I don’t think she’s used a parsley ice cube before in ‘real life’ from her feeble attempt. But it was funny!

If you are going to take the time to chop your fresh parsley and make it into ice cubes to crush into a compress for your black eye; then please use purified water instead of tap water. You can place the parsley ice cubes inside a towel and use a hammer to crush the ice before you apply it to the bruised tissue around the eye. But it works better when you EAT the parsley. MSM lotion with CMO cream will do more for a black eye or a bruise than a parsley ice cube, but that’s just my personal preference that works faster without a mess and without the extreme cold factor. You can add some cayenne to your food to speed up the process. The internal support that you give your capillaries often works much better than the external application of anything.

If you are looking for bulk herbs and spices, cheesecloth, glassware, essential oils, and all kinds of teas; visit one of our new affiliate partner’s website and see what will help you make healthy ice cubes!

Herbal Teas, bulk teas

You can put many healthy ingredients in your ice cube trays and use them in soups, stews, vegetable dishes, and even in your tea to flavor and sweeten it. We like the idea of adding herbs and the zest of lemons and other citrus fruits to your ice cubes and putting them into your water or your tea. Peppermint is one good example of this concept. You can add a little honey or stevia to your mixture, but not too much or else the ice cubes won’t freeze. You can take green tea or herbal teas or fruit juice and put them in ice cube trays. Freeze them and then add them to your beverages for a refreshing summer drink with more nutrients, instead of plain old water in boring ice cubes.

The real thing to take away from this discussion is that there are easy and quick fixes for these common health problems, but be certain to make sure everything you use is sterile and organic.

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