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TheDoctorsTV and Quelling an Upset Stomach with Soda or a Healthy Herbal Tea? Which is Better For You to Settle Your Stomach Ache?

Dr. Jim did a fantastic job of describing to Deborah Norville that her attempts to quell an upset stomach using a fizzy soda pop was not the best way to fix that tummy ache. So many moms think that a dark cola or a fizzy soda pop like 7up will stop the stomach nausea or indigestion, but it actually feeds the bacteria in the gut which can make the problem worse. Even an unsweetened fizzy drink like sparkling water can damage the cells in the digestive system. So what is better than pop?

Organic Peppermint Tea for starters!

Peppermint Tea is known for easing morning sickness for pregnant women. Peppermint is both cooling and stimulating which makes an ideal combination of energies for promoting relief in the tummy, especially for kids or people who have sensitive stomachs.

Just brew your Peppermint Tea in a pot of hot water for three to five minutes to extract all the active ingredients from the herb. You can enhance the flavor with lemon juice and honey if you want to have the sweeter version of your tea. Stevia will also work to sweeten your tea and actually helps to rid the stomach of pathogens. It is REALLY important to get ORGANIC Peppermint Tea and it needs to be fresh, so the active ingredients haven’t dissipated or evaporated which happens when a box of tea has been on the grocery store shelf for months. When you buy from our company affiliates, you can be certain that your tea is as fresh as it gets unless you grow your own in your garden!

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The next best drink for a stomach ache, especially if you are queezy from flu or indigestion from rich fatty foods…is Reed’s Ginger Ale. Not all ginger ales are created equal – not in the least. Many ginger ales don’t use fresh ginger root and then your medicinal benefit is reduced to zero! Many ginger ales are sweetened with artificial or refined white sugar and that’s going to add to the problem, rather than provide the solution. Reed’s Ginger Ale is refreshing and it tastes like ginger. It’s going to be the fizzy drink of choice for a sour stomach.

If you can’t find a Reed’s Ginger Brew; then Ginger Lemon tea will do the trick whether it is hot or cold. Knudsen makes a beverage with ginger and lemon. You can also brew your own by grating some ginger root, adding lemon juice, and blending in some honey while bringing it to a gentle boil. Don’t boil it forever, just a minute or two until the active ingredients in the ginger root (the essential oils) are released from the gentle heat. You can cool this or drink it hot, especially if you need to break a fever or if you have the chills.

French Lemon Ginger (Caffeine Free)

Next…Apple Juice with GSE mixed into the juice to get rid of any bacteria that have invaded the stomach will help to quiet a roaring tummy. If you have eaten some food with bacteria that causes food poisoning; then the GSE will be your choice. The apple juice is gentle, yet effective when you need some fluid in your tummy when it’s empty, but rumbling. If you don’t have apple juice; then purified water will suffice with the appropriate number of drops of GSE concentrate. Don’t make it too strong! You can drink this every hour until you feel fine again.

If you’ve eaten food that’s disagreeable, then you might find that caraway seed chewed in your mouth for as long as you can possibly keep chewing it will help. In Indian cuisine the caraway seeds are sweetened, but that’s not necessary – although it makes chewing them nicer!

Purified Water that has a symbol or word for ‘calm’ or ‘soothe’ or ‘quiet’ or any word of your choosing will also be extremely beneficial. Your Body, Mind, Spirit connection is at work in this process! When you program your water with an intention; then the frequency information of Bio-Energetic Medicine does WORK on your behalf…as if by magic. It is magical, the mystical scientific kind! The wonderful wacky world of Quantum Physics applies here by ordering your internal environment with your own powerful Thought. If you want to direct your energy to the stomach; then you can stimulate ST36 or other acupuncture points to tend to balancing the energy in the meridians associated with the systems that govern the digestive system and the Earth Element. Have your favorite acupuncturist or massage therapist show you these points the next time you visit their offices.

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