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TheDoctorsTV and Oz: Fitness and Sports Performance Made Simple

The docs on TheDoctorsTV were doing everything imaginable to perk their pecs, tighten their tummies, and bolster their butts. They even had some wild and funny exercises for the muscles that shape the butt that made me laugh out loud. So it seems that even doctors among the rest of the population are willing to do virtually anything to enhance their physical fitness and their Body Image.

Dr. Oz has even resorted to dancing and chair hanging to shape his body while showing the audience how to buff up their various body parts. It’s a kick for me to watch these TV shows demonstrate the moves and methods that those in Sports and an active healthy Lifestyle have known for many, many years. Maybe it took naming obesity as a disease before physicians took the ‘fatness factor’ seriously.

Many people take the extreme road to Fitness too far! Perspiration from working out hard and heavy, rapid heart beats from cardiac stress, and sore muscles and stiffness from exhausting jazz routines or hot yoga. It’s a little crazy and obsessive…

There are some simple ideas that will allow the average individual to become fit and healthy, shape their bodies, and gain the sleek look that is indicative of strength and true fitness. You don’t really have to ‘go for broke’ to make progress and find genuine well-being with a toned and beautiful body. It’s a journey and the path to this destination is just as important as reaching your fitness goals. Be smart about it!

Even if you have far to go before you get fit and feel good again, don’t push it. The process is best when it is gradual and consistent. Then it becomes a healthy Lifestyle, instead of an occasional race to the finish. If you get the idea; then you will be patient with yourself as you develop the body to suit your ideal image. You don’t have to achieve this tomorrow or next week, or even for the summer wedding or trip to the beach. Take your time and do it the healthy way…

Draw a picture or find an image in a magazine or online of what you want your body to look like as you make changes. Keep this image somewhere where you will see it every day, you want to keep this picture of the ‘new you’ in your mind. Your mental image will actually promote the accomplishment, such is the nature of quantum physics!

Next, stretch regularly. Learn what the range of motion is for your arms, your legs, and perform your basic stretches daily. Always warm up your body before you engage in any exercise. You must realize that if you are too rigorous and stress your body; then your body resists harming itself the next time and you will feel no impetus to move that body for the subtle fear of injuring your body by pressing it too far too fast or too long when it isn’t conditioned to do this. It’s counterproductive in the long run.

Yoga is a tried and true method of toning and strengthening the body. You can start from any point, whatever shape you are in or out of, it’s OK to begin Yoga from a qualified instructor in any of the different disciplines. Experiment with the various styles and find the one that resonates with you. You can start with online videos which will give you a great introduction to Yoga. Your community will have many Yoga resources and it will become a sanctuary for Body, Mind, and Spirit once you gain some experience with the inner and outer changes that come from regular practice.

If Yoga is beyond your reach; then dance! We’ve all watched the professionals dancing with celebrities on ‘Dancing with the Stars’. They look fabulous! The stars lose weight, shape up, and improve their sense of bodily awareness as they progress through the season. Dance can and WILL change your life for the better. You will come to KNOW your body in ways that nothing else will teach you. Furthermore, you will express your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and creativity as you move through time and space when you truly embrace the art of Dance!

Walk…walk daily…walk in Nature! When you walk, your body enjoys a gentle workout that doesn’t stress it. When you walk, you have time away from the phone, away from the demands of work or family life, and you have time with yourself. It’s a gift to take some time every day to take a walk in the great outdoors to breathe in fresh air, improve circulation, and encourage your body to regulate it’s form and function through gentle movement. Walking and swimming will do wonders for your Body Image without straining or hurting yourself in the process. Swimming is going to take the weight off the joints and give you another sense of your body when suspended in warm and wonderful liquid fun.

Finally, there is a new Pendant on the market that emits frequencies which encourage your body to find its own Balance. You will find that your energy is restored, your body shape changes, you change much more easily than you might with other props. Give this Pendant a try and see for yourself!

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