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THe Doctors on TV Weigh In: The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Health Hazards and Possible Solutions

The doctors have already mentioned several things about the health problems associated with the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. We have to open up the discussion to shed more light on the health hazards that are being experienced and what people can do to address the risks and symptoms.

Headaches, nausea, irregular heart beats, pain, fatigue, and other problems have been reported by those who are attempting to clean up the beaches and the working crews on skimmers in the Gulf. It’s hardly a new problem, since the guys on oil rigs have shared these same complaints for decades, but the intensity of the symptoms and the aggravation they are causing the body so immediately differs from the norm.

The chemical toxins used in the dispersant as well as the chemical compounds in the oil itself are responsible for making the people who are exposed feel sick and tired. They test the air and the water quality and find that the levels of certain toxins are extremely high, far above what is allowed by Law and further from what is considered suitable to avoid harming the health of a human being or marine life.

When this level of pollution is limited, it is not a monumental problem. Yet when there is an endless release of oil and a constant use of dispersant over the course of weeks and months in any ever increasing area of the Gulf; then it becomes a problem of virtually insurmountable proportions. People’s lives just changed forever. Many birds, oysters, and other marine life have lost their lives and the ecosystem may never recover….or require the time that will be measured in thousands of year. This Gulf Oil Spill is an entirely different animal than the usual leak or release of toxic chemicals.

Volatile Organic Compounds are contaminating the water, land, and the atmosphere now as a direct and indirect result of the Gulf Oil Spill and reaction to the disaster. My friend and colleague, Michael Knight, sheds additional light on the subject with some facts that will blow your skirt up and leave you with a sinking feeling in your gut! But you simply must be aware of these health hazards to adequately address your own health and the health of future generations to come.

This might seem provocative and the Report that Michael shares with you may alarm you. Perhaps that is exactly what you need! You need to wake up from this mindless slumber and realize what we are dealing with here. This is not a mild problem that is going away anytime soon, despite what the national media and BP say. This is a Health Issue so significant that it will shape the lives of billions of people in the years ahead of us. It will cost the world trillions of dollars for resolution. This is BIG…bigger than you may even imagine!

Truth and Consequences – New Earth News article about the Gulf Oil Spill

We didn’t say this is going to be easy to swallow. If anything, we feel that this may result in many sleepless nights. Yes, it’s that serious!

Be sure to read the portion of Michael’s article that describes how the Corexit changes at the molecular level when exposed to warm water. The vapor enters the atmosphere and this will eventually produce rain which contains this toxin. The extent to which it will contaminate the land on the coasts remains to be determined, but the prognosis for the problems associated with acid rain are going to put many millions of people and animals at risk for developing severe health problems.

Would you want to eat food that came from a crop where the toxic rain fell and was absorbed into the plant material? Hell, NO! How are you going to differentiate between contaminated food and healthy food? The productivity of sources of food in this region of the country is going to go downhill rapidly and it may end. Seafood and food crops grown on the land near the coast will no longer be fit for human consumption. If it does enter the food chain, then the health risks become even more silent and deadly.

The ramification extend to the way the region treats water to the continuity of many businesses and utilities. This is going to affect every aspect of this part of the country for a very, very long time. In our sister blog, “Prepare in Time”, we have been discussing the potential need for evacuation of people who need to leave the Gulf states or even the eastern seaboard to relocate far inland away from the effects of the disaster.

Prepare in Time Blog

The costs associated with treating people who have had their health impaired with these chemicals and toxins will be enormous. There is no natural mechanism for eliminating petrochemicals from the human body. Our bodies are not designed to manage these molecules, except to attempt to mount a response to a foreign body which stresses the Immune System to the nth degree!

The heart suffers, the kidneys fail, the endocrine system goes haywire, the lymph cannot manage the endotoxins, cellular respiration is impaired, and the body eventually shuts down and dies. This is poison for which there is barely a cure. And we’re not going to tell you what you will need to do here. We are going to save that information for our Newsletter. You will need to subscribe to the Newsletter…it’s free for now…and join our Mailing List to get the scoop on the natural Solutions to these health hazards.

We will tell you this though… You are going to have to filter your water or drink distilled water. You won’t be able to rely upon bottled water…what’s the source, so what’s the point? You may require your own well. You won’t be able to trust any municipal water supply or reservoir which is exposed to the toxic rain or the contaminated sea water. You will have to be very careful about any processed food ingredients and determine where they were sourced and under what conditions they were grown. If contaminated water was used to irrigate the fields, then you can be sure that the plant material will also be polluted and unfit for consumption.

This is why we are encouraging Food Storage and gardening right now and into the foreseeable future. You need to stock your pantries with organic and natural foods, spices, herbs, seeds, nuts, beans, lentils, whole grains, and healthy oils. You’ll need to learn to grow your fresh produce from seed. You’ll eventually find that you will want to barter with people of like mind when the grocery stores cannot discern healthy foodstuffs from poisoned items. Who and what can you really trust? That answer will determine your level of health or disease…

It’s only a matter of time before you will have to make this all-important decisions about the sourcing of your food, if you don’t already. We have for years… There are barely any items in the typical grocery store that meet our high standards, so we do what we are recommending to you given that you’ll be facing a strange future of unknown consequences due to the problem in the Gulf of Mexico and the potential for oil to be carried around the world with the Gulf Stream and the other currents that circulate oceanic waters throughout the globe. This is one of the biggest issues that you will deal with to maintain your optimal levels of health. You can’t ignore it and you can’t dismiss it any time soon!

Get your Food Storage into motion today and don’t risk your health by expecting the regulators to know what they’re doing… LOL

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