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Inexperienced Doctors on TV Dismiss Detoxification Methods for Cancer

October 19th, 2015

You may watch TheDoctorsTV now that the new season has started, but do you really trust the validity of their conclusions about the topics they discuss? I do not. Why?

These doctors, for the most part, are inexperienced and untrained when it comes to holistic approaches to addressing the causes and solutions for many health issues. They are trained to treat diseases with drugs, so they have very little knowledge about health when they focus on pathology. They spend even less time being educated about the daily lifestyle practices that set the stage for developing symptoms that then are identified collectively as a disease process. For instance, inflammation or exposure to environmental toxins can impact the human body to the point that opportunistic pathogens gain entrance to various organs. Conditions in the body can continue to become elevated to expressing as an infection or reduced to a tumor when the body’s responsiveness has been compromised.

If these TV doctors had an inkling of Gerson Therapy and coffee enemas; they would understand the biochemical mechanisms that are in play which support the release of toxins effectively. This modality has been proven for a long time and there are former cancer patients alive today that are free of any evidence of cancer or degenerative disease. Travis and the other panelists might consider booking a trip to Mexico to learn something for a change, rather than bashing a process they have no knowledge of – only a biased opinion. They could converse with Dr. Vickers about Gerson Therapy and coffee enemas in order to properly and ethically deliver an informed opinion to the public on television programming in the future. They would learn that a lightly roasted organic coffee bean is the only one that is used for their coffee enemas in order to get the correct biochemical response that works.

One of the methods for cleansing and detoxification of waste materials and toxic substances that has successfully stimulated the release of impacted colons with coffee enemas was discussed today. People have been introduced to the use of enemas, colonics, and other methods for supporting the organs and systems in doing their job when they have been too compromised to do this alone without external intervention. It is more the effect of the caffeine in coffee that stimulates the contraction of the colon to move the stool when constipated by using an enema, rather than reducing inflammation or treating any disease directly.

We have used some superior herbal formulations to support the function of the digestive system and organs of elimination. The Triphala Formula actually cleanses, regulates, and strengthens the digestive system. This remarkable formula is available from one of our newest affiliate partners.

Organic Triphala Formula

Personally, I prefer the method of supporting the body’s organs and systems by supplying plant-based whole foods and herbs to enhance the function of digestion, absorption, delivery of nutrients to the cells, and removal of waste materials through the organs of elimination. Here is one superior product that performs this function with superfoods.

No GMO’s – Nontoxic – Certified Organic ~ DeepGreen Alkalizing Superfood

Listen, it’s far better to stop putting toxic substances into your body than relying upon any method of detoxification. However, there are times when it is advantageous to use safe and effective methods to support the body in eliminating waste materials that make demands on the energy reserves and resources of any human or animal body. The expenditure of energy to deal with toxins uses energy that is better utilized for the function of the immune system, the digestive system, or the organs of elimination like the kidneys or large intestine. Coffee enemas are not used in isolation, but are often part of a comprehensive care plan that considers the whole person and their lifestyle.

Oh, well, there is at least one doctor on the panel that recognizes the place for these actions that do have some merit. Most of these doctors just reacted to the idea of coffee used for an enema when they are used to drinking coffee. Maybe they wouldn’t be so grossed out if they could separate their own practices of drinking coffee from protocols that are proven to be effective using natural substances. Imagine that!?! Remember that these are the same doctors that would prefer to include liquor with their strawberries rather than simply enjoying organic fresh berries as a stand-alone snack.

Later in this episode there is a health trend expert who shares bone broth and a new resin drink with the doctors that make faces that remind me of the taste of cod liver oil or worse. Bone broth, especially the good stuff, has more than mere stock and provides enough collagen and nutrients to replenish the elasticity of the skin, build cartilage, and offer sustenance for many hours. Fulvic acid is also available in Liquid Zeolite from one of our suppliers, so if you don’t happen to like the taste of the ‘tar(m) pit’ according to Travis; you do have alternatives.

Then to top off this episode that portray these doctors as uninformed imbeciles, the gentleman with a build that Travis envies clues the doctors into his secret to his muscular strength and stamina – microgreens and live sprouts. If only Travis and the others on this panel would extend themselves to embrace a willingness to experience these approaches to health before sharing their uneducated attitude of distaste and displeasure, then I wouldn’t be so harsh. Until then…

TheDoctorsTV Episode with Healthy Trends that Make Physicians Wince

One of these day, these doctors will turn their attention to the medical practices that really do present dangerous risks. Chemotherapy…radiation therapy…invasive surgical procedures that cripple or kill people. Let’s discuss those things some time soon.

Vitamin C can be therapeutic in specific doses and the doctors need to get out more to visit some wellness center and holistic healthcare clinics here and around the world to learn how these approaches are helping people achieve their wellness goals. Liver toxicity or problems with the movement in the large intestine can be effectively dealt with using non-invasive methods that are life-promoting. The problems associated with liver toxicity are not the goals of coffee enemas specifically, despite what you heard from the clip during the television program today. Holistic practitioners do usually explain the purpose and benefits of coffee enemas or colon therapy to their patients. It is the patient’s shared responsibility to understand and approve any approach that helps them take greater responsibility for their well-being, instead of blindly going along with any prescription that any doctor might order without explanation of the risks and benefits. So many conventional doctors do not maintain their educational pursuits sufficiently to know about the many advances and conclusions from recent studies that promote a healthy lifestyle with natural approaches, so they are no longer the experts they would like to think they are in this area of interest. Far from it. The moral of this story is to get your information from the real experts who use these approaches in their private practices in your local or regional wellness centers and holistic healthcare clinics.

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Doctors on TV Know So Little About an Alkaline Dietary Approach

October 13th, 2015

Let me begin by saying that the doctors on TheDoctorsTV know very little about an alkaline dietary approach and let me end by saying that they know even less about alkaline water!

They assume that it is a harmless trend promoted by celebrities like Kelly Ripa and Jennifer Aniston who eat specific foods that the body will utilize for establishing greater alkaline/acid balance. Travis is mistaken that profit is the sole motivating factor for the distribution of alkaline waters. He drinks tap water! He in uninformed…obviously.

Does the Alkaline Diet Work? as discussed on today’s episode of TheDoctorsTV

At least Dr. Drew has applied a logical reasoning process to this issue. The body does have to expend more energy and resources to restoring acid/alkaline balance when you eat foods that are too acidic or too alkaline as well as the summation of the combination of foods and beverages. It is all about BALANCE. These doctors treat this information by dismissing it when they should be giving it due consideration. Drew even mentions that the stars look too thin and may not be healthy.

Excuse me, but that is one of the reasons why these people with access to knowledge, holistic practitioners, and the best that money can buy are realizing that their personal health and professional appearance deserves the most progressive and intelligent approaches to well-being possible. Jennifer Aniston looks healthier and more vibrant than ever. Kelly Ripa has always had a slender build and she does have muscular strength. I just wish that these doctors on television would give greater attention to an issue and explore it in depth before making a cursory judgement about any approach.

In fact, if you want to explore a plant-based diet that will assist you in accomplishing a new goal toward acid/alkaline balance in your body; you might want to consider visiting one of our affiliate partners who offer a home meal delivery service:

Healthy, organic, wholesome & affordable vegan meal delivery service nationwide. $20 Off 1st Order (code: Share20).

Look: I would recommend eating whole foods like fresh organic vegetables and fruits that replace soda pop and fast food burgers before having to undergo cosmetic surgery or get botox treatments. The healthy lifestyle approach will earn you a youthful appearance far better than nips and tucks; because your entire body is stronger, has more nutritional resources available, and is more responsive to the environment – and it shows in the luster of your skin. One does not separate the pH from whole foods when assessing how healthy these foods happen to be, although one can perform an analysis on a scientific and biochemical level to further enhance one’s understanding of the value of a balanced acid/alkaline combination of foods and beverages And by the way, would someone inform these doctors that the science of nutrition and healthy foods are not limited to physicians.

Celebrities and other real people have access to and use scientific knowledge to make informed decisions. They also tend to have greater access to real professionals and experts in this field. Not one of these doctors on the panel are nutritional experts. We know that our medical schools do not provide more than a few courses in nutrition and very few offer courses in holistic approaches to wellness. So the education that these doctors think make them capable of offering a suitable assessment of any whole foods approach to well-being is insufficient and impractical at best. I invite them to get continuing education about this area of interest!

The doctors on TV certainly are willing to put strawberries into their tequila as evidenced in the segment following the discussion of alkaline diet trends. Perhaps the doctors should have waited until they took shots with black pepper, cayenne, and turmeric, ginger root, and lemon before discussing alkaline diets. They toss around terms like homeostasis and balance without exhibiting a deeper understanding and awareness of how to accomplish this in the human body using whole foods and healthy beverages, including alkaline water. I don’t pretend to be an expert in the mechanisms of pharmaceutical drugs, so why are they operating under the pretense of considering themselves experts in nutritional and plant-based dietary practices? Go out and find a bottle of Essentia, taste the difference, and feel better by incorporating more balanced foods into your daily routine.

Brain Fog cocktail on TheDoctorsTV

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Mindfulness and Anderson Cooper: Stranger Things Have Happened!

September 7th, 2015

For a few minutes on 60 Minutes, there was a moment when I thought that we had finally penetrated the thick skull of media talking heads who think they know it all!  I know that this sounds as if my worldview is superior to those who scurry around in absolute stress filling their minds with a flurry of entangled thoughts and fears; yet this trend appears to suggest that some chord was struck when Anderson Cooper explored the interior of his mind by quieting the busy thoughts than ramble through the caverns of his corpus callosum.

Generally, Mindfulness and stress management training may be found in the most progressive corporate centers who have crafted a solid Wellness program for their employees or in the proving grounds of those who practice as a ‘Way of Life’.  Anderson Cooper was tasked with going to a retreat and he was surprised with his personal experience.  This is the point of the inner work!  When you recognize the inherent value of the benefits of Mindfulness training and practice in your daily life, it will dawn on you that it shapes your attitude while your environment conforms to your inner state of ‘Being’.

Here is the video with Anderson Cooper from the 60 Minutes segment:  The Newly Mindful Anderson Cooper

It stands to reason that it is only when you immerse yourself in a new experience that you can genuinely understand what it is for you as an individual and get a glimmer of the value it may offer for our culture, including our business culture.  If you have yet to encounter Mindfulness training; seek it out, learn what it holds for your personal growth and presence of mind, and what it may contribute to your overall level of Well-Being.  It is also imperative to remember that once you learn to quiet your mind and be fully present in the moment; it will then be time to enter the next phase of your training to focus your mind to create your personal reality with contemplation using another set of disciplines.

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Quit Chewing Gum – Unless You Change the Brand!

August 3rd, 2015

Don’t take unnecessary risks to your health by chewing gum that is made of toxic ingredients by companies who give no thought to your well-being!  Quit chewing gums brands like Wrigley’s or Dentine and make a wise switch to brands like Simply Gum.

Your body is not designed to excrete petroleum by-products, glues, plastics, and other surprising ingredients that you will find in the average brands of chewing gum on store shelves.  Aspartame, rubber, and questionable substances found in these chewing gums are known to present risks for cancer and other health conditions.

Chewing Gum article Revealing Facts about Health Concerns

There are healthy alternatives to the traditional brands of chewing gums that you can trust to disclose all of their ingredients.  One company is Simply Gum that uses cinnamon, maple, ginger, and other natural flavors or spices for good taste along with healthy substances for the chew factor.  Simply Gum has a website that gives locations where you can find their bold new and delicious chewing gums.   So if you must chew gum, then this is the gum for you.

Simply Gum Ingredients




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Bone Broth: Paleo and Celebrity Chef Trends This Year

July 31st, 2015

It’s literally an old-fashioned way to nourish the constitution, provide components that the body uses to replenish the skin, and offer a simple broth that sustains a person through lunch until the major meal of the day. It’s bone broth!

The Paleo enthusiasts are promoting bone broth and recognize that it has a long history that can be traced back to being beneficial for the health of the gut. The collagen and other components are ideally suited for the skin and cartilage repair. The value of bone broth has even sparked a unique restaurant, Brodo, in New York to experiment with various combinations of vegetables, spices, and herbs for their customers who love to sip their concoctions.

I recently found a small single-serve packaging solution from Pacific with organic chicken bone broth with onions and rosemary that is pleasant and offers an ease of preparation for those who do not have the luxury of hours for making their own. However, if you do venture into bone broth making from beef, chicken, or fish; then onions, garlic, apple cider vinegar, and other vegetables you have on hand. I personally love onions, celery, and carrots; but other root vegetables and Greens will further contribute to the nutrient density of the bone broth and enhance the flavor profile. You can finish the bone broth with herbs like parsley, oregano, thyme, scallions, and any other nutritional powerhouse in your kitchen. Cool the bone broth after preparation to preserve the value of the nutrients and the taste given that you make enough at any one time to have plenty from each batch!

Bone broth is a great new trend that is deserving of a come-back after proving the health-enhancing value over centuries!

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Correlations Between Austism and Vaccines Could Confuse Concerned Parents and Healthcare Professionals

February 2nd, 2015

The average person believes that they can trust scientific research to be unbiased and present conclusions that are based upon data that is representative of any particular population. Evidence-based studies do not always prove that a correlation exists between the variables that are selected for the research project. In other words, correlation does not equate to causation. Studies can conclude that there appears to be a correlation or association that may or may not actually be the case in the target population or a wider grouping of people.

Correlation Between Autism and the Use of Acetaminophen Following the MMR Vaccine

Let’s look at two different studies that reach opposing conclusions regarding the use of acetaminophen after getting a Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccine. The reason why this is relevant is due to the media attention upon the recent outbreak of measles in Disneyland from a vaccinated person with doctors who are encouraging people to either take their children in to get an MMR vaccination or avoid vaccinations that present an unnecessary risk to children who weather the measles reasonably well when exposed to this moderate childhood viral infection.

The next study seems designed to provide a rebuttal to the first study and draw conclusions that there is no correlation between the incidence of autism and the use of acetaminophen following the administration of the MMR vaccine. While we are not going to get into the nuts and bolts of either study, you might want to read the articles in their entirety to better understand how this can happen. It does happen much more frequently than you might expect. In this case, it illustrates the bias that exists in regard to the MMR vaccine for measles that is in the forefront of the media reports in the news. Hopefully, both parents and healthcare practitioners need to dig more deeply before making any recommendations or vaccinating their children.

No Correlation Found Between Autism and Use of Acetaminophen After the MMR Vaccine

It is extremely important to be able to interpret studies like these two examples that appear to contradict one another. Our healthcare practitioners make decisions based upon evidence-based research which offer best practices to follow, but when there is evidence to support either position it becomes challenging to make any sound decision. Parents depend upon the advice and expertise of their physicians and healthcare providers to give them guidance and recommendations; but in this case parents need to be much better informed before relying upon the direction of any practitioner who doesn’t have a balanced perspective with information from numerous studies and case histories. The primary point that I want you to take away from this discussion is that it is imperative to perform your due diligence on any topic prior to making an informed decision, instead of blindly trusting the media that presents weighted arguments to act swiftly when that might not be in the best interests of any child or adult in addition to the general population.

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How Healthcare Will Change When More Doctors Write Prescriptions for Produce

February 1st, 2015

After discovering that it is a person’s lifestyle that often determines the development of high blood pressure, diabetes, or obesity; Dr. Garth Davis decided to make a significant change in his approach to healthcare by writing prescriptions for produce rather the typical barage of drugs. Fresh fruit and vegetables are provided by prescription at their ‘farmacy stand’ in the lobby of the Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center in order to provide an improved level of healthcare to his patients, rather than always sending them to the pharmacy.

Doctor Writes Prescriptions for Produce

A box of produce costs $25, yet the program pays $10 toward the cost for those who have a prescription in the form of a refund which is underwritten by the Hermann Memorial Foundation. People order their boxes from Rawfully Organic in time for the weekly delivery. More doctors are beginning to use the specially-prepared prescription pads and writing for a healthier lifestyle.

Farm Fresh To You

How can you avail yourself of fresh produce that will support your healthy lifestyle with the inclusion of more fresh organic produce? It’s easy! Simply visit this website and make your selections that will be delivered directly to you. You won’t even have to take the time to go anywhere – your ‘farmacy’ comes to you for your convenience!

You can also encourage your doctor or holistic practitioner to promote more produce to change the face of healthcare. Eat well to be well!

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Young Girls Under Threat of Death by Diabetes Now More Than Ever

January 27th, 2015

There are increasingly more frequent and serious cases of diabetes striking people earlier than ever before. The current social conditions created an inhospitable environment where parents fear for their children’s lives when they develop diabetes that is so severe that they might die in their sleep unless they get up every three hours to check their blood sugar. Parents are losing sleep with worry that their daughters will suffer the same fate as other young girls who have died due to the type of diabetes that claims young lives with much more fervor than we have seen in the past.

When Young Girls Must Live Under Threat of Death by Diabetes

We have to look at the nature of the environment in the home and at school where these young girls spend time and interact with chemicals and other factors that may weaken them – allowing further imbalances to arise in their sensitive bodies and immature minds. Then again, their diet must be examined to determine the degree of influence any foods or beverages play in the development of diabetic symptoms and presentations.

The transition to vegetarian and vegan dietary regimens have been quite successful in many instances where diabetic symptoms disappeared and the diagnosis disappeared with this significant change in the kinds of foods and beverages consumed by the individual. Although the vegan approach to food preparation does take some effort and mindful attention to detail to ensure healthy outcomes; it is far better and preferable to being prodded and poked to check insulin levels at all hours of the night! One would think that most parents would be willing to present their children with options that improve their health, rather than endure constant fears of finding their child dead due to the complications of this disease process.

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Jennifer Lopez on Dr. Oz Talks About Her Lifestyle Secrets to Stay Young and Wear Your Age Well

January 23rd, 2015

Jennifer Lopez is looking great and is giving new meaning to the value of maintaining our youth and vitality throughout our lives. This is her second decade of making a name for herself with her music and her dancing which demands a healthy lifestyle to stay young and in great shape. Jennifer appeared on Dr. Oz today to discuss her secrets.

Doctor Oz Interviews Jennifer Lopez

The most impressive method for Jennifer’s success is her routine of using meditation and affirmations to create her lifestyle which includes being open to all Life has to offer and choosing joy for herself with her children on a daily basis. She also has worked with a company to formulate a protein powder that can be added to a morning smoothie. Jennifer doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, and doesn’t miss much sleep. Jennifer avoids unhealthy food and knows the value of loving the body she was born into while working diligently to keep her body toned and strong. While she doesn’t have much time to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, she does eat well.

Her down-to-earth attitude contributes to her wellness lifestyle. You can take some of her ideas and activities to incorporate these health secrets into your own lives. If you don’t like to cook or you simply don’t have the time it takes to prepare healthy meals from fresh produce; then you may find this company solution to your liking with home delivery of great ingredients that will keep your body beautiful and your spirit dancing:

Farm Fresh To You

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Raw Juice Can Be Safe and Beneficial During Pregnancy!

January 22nd, 2015

Some doctors who appear on television are under the mistaken impression that raw juice might be a concern for pregnant women. Under normal circumstances, this is not the case. However, when manufacturing practices or bottling occurs in an environment that does not meet industry standards for cleanliness or protocols to ensure the safety of the end product; you may want to be careful about that brand or batch.

Doctors often give a blanket statement when they are afraid that bacteria like listeria or e coli are going to be present in a food product that has not been pasteurized. Raw juice preserves key nutrients and enzymes that are necessary for good health and wellness, yet are prepared in an environment that is designed to be free from pathogens or questionable chemicals. It goes with the territory where everything is done to contribute to well-being. These doctors on television must only buy questionable juice brands that are only interested in economic gain, not the health of the end consumer. When you choose to purchase quality brands of raw juice, you can feel safe and secure in knowing that every detail of the business is intentionally crafted to serve one and all for an optimal outcome. Companies like Suja shine in that regard. That’s why Forbes just named Suja as the second most promising company in America yesterday!

As a mother who took every measure to ensure that her pregnancies were perfect, I can tell you that I drank raw juices and raw whole foods to promote the health of my children by supporting their ideal development. I delivered (at home) healthy babies who thrived and are healthy adults now. There are raw juice brands that I trust and drink every day in addition to juicing my own raw veggies and fruits. While you have to determine what works the best for you, there is no good reason to fear the leading brands of raw juice when you are pregnant. You also have the wise option of consuming fresh organic fruits and vegetables that will provide you with fiber as well as nutrients and enzymes for your well-being.

Farm Fresh To You

In fact, if you are a busy mother-to-be; you can order your fresh produce and raw superfoods using a system that will have these great products delivered to your door. These trustworthy companies want you to thrive when you are pregnant with our next generation!

Raw Superfoods Superstore

Be proactive and take the most responsible role in your child’s healthy development during your pregnancy and during their early years with the best choices that are available to you.

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