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Mad Hungry with Lucinda Quinn: Recipes, Demonstrations, and Farmed Trout

With all of the repeated episodes of TheDoctorsTV and Dr. Oz, I have been looking for some fresh material for you.

I was watching Lucinda Quinn who has worked for Martha Stewart and now has her own cooking show on the Hallmark channel during the weekdays.

Lucinda usually prepares her special take on traditional recipes. You’ll enjoy her techniques and the demonstrations that make food preparation look easy. She explains even the simplest concepts and procedures in a way that you can relate to, especially if you are just beginning to expand your repertoire.

She was preparing fish dishes and the halibut looked very tempting. I had not seen fish prepared in olive and vegetable oil before in this manner. I plan on trying that method with the more tender white fish on the market.

Lucinda Scala Quinn on Mad Hungry TV

Lucinda also used parchment as a little package for a shrimp dish with kale, beans, onions, and other ingredients that made a delightful serving idea. You can find some good recipes on her website. But I must tell you that you will need to do some adaptations to make her recipe ingredients more healthy. Let’s start with the farmed trout issue!

I will explain the importance of eating wild trout and wild salmon below, but I wanted to be sure that you know that there are people who are bringing you sources of healthier seafood and fish. You can get sustainably-harvested seafood for your home kitchen from VitalChoice. It is a trusted site that will offer you an education on the relative importance of which fish to eat in order to be environmentally-responsible.

VitalChoice Seafood

Now…I have one issue to take up with Lucinda and something that she mentioned on today’s episode. She tried to tell her viewers that farmed trout was alright. That’s just not necessarily the case! In fact, I would not trust any fish that is farmed, especially salmon and trout.

If you are going to eat trout or salmon, then get it from fresh waters. Do the legwork and go fishing… It’s fun. I have fished some of the finest blue ribbon rivers in Wyoming for rainbow trout when I grew up there many years ago. I would visit my friend who lived at the Fish Hatchery and those little guys were not healthy. The health risk of farmed fish is ‘whirling disease’ where the farmed fish released into the wild rivers and lakes spin around in a circle. It’s the fish form of mad cow syndrome!

So Mad Hungry might be wise to edit that episode and suggest that people only eat fish that come from pristine rivers and lakes and streams. You wouldn’t want your brain to turn into mush, because you blindly accepted farmed fish as safe to eat…

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