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Longevity: How Do You Live to Be 256 Years of Age? Secrets to Well-Being and a Mindful Life.

256 years is a sign that some knowledge combined with experience has been successful when finding and utilizing the secrets to Longevity and a peaceful mind!

Li Ching Yuen described a very specific way to achieve long life with a career as an herbalist who quite literally ‘walked his talk’ by consuming goji berries, gotu kola, ginseng, and rice wine while doing Qigong. He practiced meditative breathing techniques, enjoyed peace of mind, and got plenty of sleep as he learned the ancient secrets that some even older have mastered over the centuries.

Healthy lifestyles revolve around daily practices that build well-being with consistent practice and discipline with diet and attitude. Your state of mind is exceptionally important when walking through this world for hundreds of years to do all you wish to do, to experience all this world has to offer, and to enjoy the amazing potential that exists in each of us to live a long and prosperous life.

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The length of his life is fairly well-documented and he spoke of the approach that provided the chance to be married numerous times with many children. He traveled the Eastern world to gather herbs known for Longevity, known for their medicinal value, and known for balancing the systems of the human body as well as the mind.

While you may not be willing to restrict your own diet to these Chinese herbs and rice wine, you can still avail yourself of the health benefits of these jewels that will complement any approach to well-being in the Western world. You may not choose to go into the mountains to gather wild ginseng, but you can benefit from those who do procure ginseng for reputable brands that are familiar and skilled in the ways of processing these herbs and roots to derive the energy that lends to improved states of well-being. You may not choose to drink rice wine or practice disciplines, yet you can glean similar benefits from supplying your body and mind with substances that are recognized to nourish and replenish in subtle and profound ways.

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Even if you live half as long as Li Ching, you may find this information as enthralling and purposeful as the ancients have for many centuries to prolong and improve one’s quality of life. Mindful, peaceful, content, and joyful – these are the qualities that give our lives purpose and meaning. Our daily vitality and zest for living is supported with these remarkable substances as they are incorporated into our routines with whole foods and great red wine. When you reach 156, let me know how valuable this information has been for you!

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