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Europe Ban on Hundreds of Herbs: The End of Reason

This is so completely ridiculous that the public should contest this decision and rescind it in favor of saving traditional knowledge as a cultural treasure. This is more of a ploy for monetizing an enormous market for wellness products for profit through regulation. Although I can understand the value of training to be knowledgeable about selection of the appropriate herbs, we can never underestimate the value of grandmothers and individuals who take care of their families and themselves using these herbs. When was the last time anyone you know used ‘horny goat weed’?

There are far more complications and reactions from standardized pharmaceutical products, but you won’t see very many articles about this problematic situation. Many people are on so many drugs at the same time, that they would not be able to discern which pharmaceutical drug was causing the negative reaction or undesirable side-effect (let alone the doctor). I have tested drugs and found so many harmful interactions that I question the training of future physicians in medical school as well as those in private practice who weren’t paying attention to the indicators and recommendations from the manufacturer or the pharmacy. It would be more rational to use these herbs that are about to be unavailable or highly regulated before resorting to pharmaceuticals whose efficacy must be questioned.

This article describes some of the concerns as well as naming some of the herbs that are at the center of this controversy. It boggles the imagination how they could calculate the effects of regulatory control changing people’s behavior and how in the world those who would be dispensing these herbs can possibly learn enough about their applications when they have not been trained, nor are they experienced in their use. It’s a financial endeavor – not a thoughtful attempt to protect consumers. Consumers of herbal formulations already are aware that the appropriate selection and administration of these herbs comes from an experienced herbalist or healer who uses natural medicine. The understanding of ‘Best Practices’ goes far beyond research or clinical studies. Just because someone gets a license, it doesn’t mean that they know what they are doing for their patients or clients and just because a nation regulates a controlled substance, it doesn’t mean that the standardized form is effective or better than the original system that has drawn attention for a need for a registry.

Europe to Ban Hundreds of Herbal Remedies

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