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Dr. Oz and the Grocery List That Goes Beyond Being Considered ‘Anti-Cancer’ Foods

Dr. Oz obviously is used to a ‘disease model’ of Life. He looks at a human being and he sees disease processes. He doesn’t see a vibrant healthy living human being that is living for Wellness. It’s his training and his mind set.

So although we will comment on his show’s episode that was repeated today, we want to be clear on this primary issue. We are in the business of Wellness, not in preventing or curing disease. We look at people and we see people… This discussion goes far beyond Dr. Oz and his effort to prevent cancer. In so many ways, there’s a world of difference between the two approaches to health.

When you eat whole foods and Power Foods like those we commented upon yesterday when Jillian joined the DoctorsTV discussion about whole foods and their health benefits, please eat these foods with the thought in your Mind that you enjoy the vibrant energy and nutrients that nourish and support your healthy Lifestyle daily. Do NOT think that you are eating whole foods only to prevent cancer or any other disease. Your subconscious Mind makes a distinction…so should your conscious waking Mind!

Dr. Oz named some of the same whole foods that Jillian and our doctors consider to be Power Foods. He also included fruits, vegetables, and dark leafy greens on his Grocery List. There were lentils, beans, seeds, nuts, spices, herbs, teas, wines, and fish. He makes no mention of fermented foods and there’s is no sea vegetable in sight. The Macrobiotic community would laugh at the lack in this List… LOL

Where’s the cabbage and other main examples of cruciferous vegetables? Where’s the miso? Where’s the kombu and wakame? Dr. Oz needs to hire more staff that is familiar with those who have dealt with cancer using whole foods for thousands of years successfully in Asia. What’s missing from his Grocery List could cost you your Life unless you learn to include certain items daily in your diet that are well-known to us.

The one thing that does NOT belong on that Grocery List is Canola Oil. Don’t use it, don’t use products that contain it, and don’t be fooled by the marketing effort that promotes it. It is not a healthy oil. Sesame seed oil, sunflower seed oil, safflower oil, olive oil, and hemp seed oil is on the real List. Avocado and peanut oils among others are healthy choices, but not necessarily for every day use.

Where are the cashews and pine nuts? Where are the aduki beans and the brown rice, barley, and amaranth?

Ban the bread, pasta, and tortillas for this List, if you want to prevent cancer or other degenerative diseases. There are millions of people who never develop cancer who eat only whole grains and refuse to eat bread or cereals which are processed. Perhaps one exception might be home-made pasta from the whole grain in your home made fresh with your own grinder… We’ll also make an exception for teff tortillas, but not tortillas made from wheat or corn flour or meal. Sorry…but not really that sorry!

Where’s the pineapple and coconut? Where’s the celery? European countries use carrots, onion, and celery as the base for soups, stews, and many other dishes.

Where’s the banana? Where’s the goji berries? Where’s the honey? Where’s the eggplant? There are many more spices and herbs that belong on this Grocery List. I wish that I had more time to go through all of this in one Post, but it is simply too much information for one day’s discussion!

Dr. Oz Anti-Cancer Grocery List

See for yourself…then learn more about what’s missing and be sure to include the wide variety of whole foods in your weekly dietary routine.

At least Dr. Oz mentions yogurt, pumpkin seeds, and tempeh when giving the Cookbook and recipe page a good read. But use Coconut Milk yogurt and forget the milk when wanting to ensure that cancer doesn’t get a foothold in your body. Thyme, Oregano, and Clove are going to help the body destroy pathogens along with the cinnamon, rosemary, lemon, and grapefruit that is found on the Grocery List. Dr. Oz doesn’t seem to be aware of the link to cancer from pathogens that Royal Rife proved in the 1950’s showing the pleomorphic state of bacteria, viral agents, fungus, yeast, and other pathogens that morph into cancer in the body’s fluids and tissues under certain conditions.

Well, that’s another topic for another day! Suffice it to say that you need a comprehensive assortment of colorful whole foods, herbs, spices, and everything that we’ve described and MORE to be truly healthy and WELL!

But to learn about those ‘extras’, you need to keep coming back for more information – day after day and month after month. We’re here, helping to show you the path to genuine and authentic well-being through a healthy Lifestyle with many Lists!

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    It’s definitely important to keep healthy these days. With all the crap food people eat, it’s not surprising why the number of heart related fatalities have been growing.

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    I was looking through some of your content on this site and I think this web site is very instructive! Continue posting.

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