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Dr. Oz and Quinoa Pudding For a Healthy Alternative Dessert

I had missed this episode when it was first aired, but I liked the alternative recipes given to the unhealthiest man in the country who appeared on Dr. Oz today one month after he began to make changes in his diet and his Lifestyle. The Quinoa Pudding is a delightful choice that serves as a desert with the recipe that was given on this program. While we usually eat Quinoa as a savory dish, it can be a very versatile whole grain.

Dr. Oz found that the man who qualified as the least healthy man in this country had managed to lose some weight, is now starting to quit smoking, and is changing his diet while he begins to exercise. Good for him!

He doesn’t mind the healthy changes in his diet and that’s lucky for him, since his health will continue to suffer unless he makes radical changes in all aspects of his Lifestyle. He does have a decent attitude and that will definitely help him with the alternatives to his usual behavior.

The Quinoa Pudding recipe can be found on Dr. Oz online, but I would make some basic changes to make it healthier. First of all, you will want to use coconut milk or banana or pear or peach juice, instead of apple juice. Also leave out the orange rind this time. Replace the cranberries with raisins or banana slices or dates. There is merit to food combining that seems to escape Dr. Oz. Use real vanilla extract or use vanilla bean and add the seeds to the quinoa when added to the boiling water.

The Salmon Burger is also going to be a good alternative to the usual burger that obese or overweight people indulge in frequently. Salmon is better when fresh, but if you MUST purchase the canned salmon; then at least get the brand that is sustainably harvested from the ocean – not a fish farm!

If you make your own Salmon Burgers; then don’t use the bread crumbs – use an egg instead to bind the ingredients together. There are healthy salmon patties in the Whole Foods Markets that come frozen and they are flavorful. There’s nothing that’s better than fresh salmon!

Our recommendation is to purchase your fresh seafood, including your Salmon from Vital Choice. They have some of the best seafood that you’ll find anywhere and it’s going to be increasingly difficult to find good seafood. You can trust Vital Choice to provide you with the finest organic berries and dried fruit, too. They even carry Chocolate Bars that are healthy, so check out their site and it will become one of your favorite places to shop online, too.

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  1. Caroline Bertram Says:

    Resonating with your tasty tid-bit-improvements to Quinoa Pudding. Also enjoyed Salmon Ideas. That is how I cook: Get inspired and create Thanks. PEACE

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