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Dr. Oz and Autism: The Myths, the Facts, and the Likely Suspects – Vaccines, Environmental Toxins, and Heavy Metals

Dr. Oz brought a diverse group of experts and parents together to discuss the highly-charged emotional issue of Autism.

I am going to take an immediate stand for the sake of the diplomacy of Truth. I know for a fact that Vaccines have impaired children and ARE the cause of neurological damage. The evidence exists and anyone who wants to deny or ignore this information is walking on the slippery slope of having an undisclosed agenda, a bias, and possibly the lack of integrity when it comes to their willingness or lack thereof to take a long hard look at Truth.

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We know that the pharmaceutical industry is trying to protect a reputation and prevent being sued for harming these children who are immunized with vaccinations. How dare the people who work for, own stock in, and regulate vaccines and research play God with other people’s lives! There’s a point in time when parents and astute medical professionals take a stand and honestly address what has happened to too many children and adults to ignore, dismiss, or refuse to admit.

I can prove that vaccines damage the human body with EAV equipment. I don’t need to convince anyone of this fact, since I have witnessed it for the last thirty plus years. It’s as obvious to me that vaccines put humans at risk as the sun rising every morning. So if you are willing to face the truth of this matter; then you cannot leave out the problems with vaccines.

Furthermore, the argument that physicians who are in favor of vaccines pull out and put on the table that children will get preventable diseases is irresponsible and incomplete. The fact is that there are many natural and safe ways to prevent childhood diseases that preclude any reliance upon risky vaccines. My two children were NEVER vaccinated and never had any problem whatsoever and I am exceedingly proud of that fact. One child that I know very well did have vaccines and suffered irreparable neurological damage to her brain.

It is a parent’s worst nightmare to have to know that they trusted their pediatricians and the pharmaceutical industry and they were betrayed and left to deal with behavioral and health issues with children for a lifetime. I implore you as parents to refuse to get your children immunized with risky vaccines! No medical board can take a license away from me for telling you the truth and warning you. Thank God!

There are many licensed physicians who are aware of the vaccines and refuse to immunize children in their private practices. I applaud these doctors. You should support them and take your children to them, instead of those who are blind or willing to act upon their bias.

There are a number of environmental toxins that also are the causal agents of the signs of Autism, not just vaccines. It often appears that the children who are at the greatest risk for Autism are those that have all of these risk factors combined in common in their daily lives. Let’s fact the fact that the environment in every city is toxic to human beings and animals. The industrial pollutants, the synthetic chemicals, and any toxin that is in the air, the water, the soil, the food supply, the products that people use, and the homes that people live in are subject to blame for causing Autism.

You have to remember that Autism is a set or group of symptoms. You could have been exposed to one or more of these environmental toxins and it could be at the root of the symptoms that individually or collectively lead to the diagnosis of Autism. The fact that the statistics of the incidence of Autism have skyrocketed lends credence to this viewpoint.

Heavy metals are at the heart of neurological damage in children and adults. Children are more likely to show the signs of damage from heavy metals as their growth is impacted during delicate biochemical interactions within their changing bodies.

The expert who described the changes in children when they adopted a gluten-free diet is correct. Dramatic improvements are visible immediately when healthy foods and healthy Lifestyles are embraced by these children and their parents. You can tell that mother that they will never be in the clear, the dietary changes must be permanent. A whole foods organic diet is essential…end of story!

You have to be brave to face the truth and make the necessary changes. You have to be bold to take a stand and hold your ground against well-funded private interest groups. You have to care enough about future generations and love the truth enough to speak out about what is real and tangible. This is one of those times!

Either you embrace a healthy Lifestyle or you pay the horrific price of imbalance. The imbalance might be as slight as mood changes or as frightening as behavior that cannot be managed by even the most patient of caretakers – be they parents or professionals. Most of us are not equipped to deal with the worst of Autistic behavior…myself included.

One of the first things that parents and professionals can do in addition to changing to a gluten-free and whole foods organic diet is to use Liquid Zeolite to detox the human body. The result will speak louder than words…

Liquid Zeolite

Furthermore, after using Zeolite to detox the children and adults; then the use of specific homeopathic remedies is indicated for eliminating the residue and the bio-energetic signature of vaccines and other toxins from the human body. If anyone wants me to tell you more about this topic, then simply ask nicely… Several decades ago, it became obvious in our experience that we got excellent results when we used nosodes for people who had taken vaccinations as a child and their health issues disappeared following the proper application of these homeopathic remedies. Your children should be so fortunate!

I do hope that Dr. Oz and others are smart enough to continue this discussion. Parents are forced to continue to deal with this issue. Autism is only the tip of the toxic iceberg of problems associated with environmental toxins, heavy metals, and dangerous vaccines.

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    Dr Oz orchasrtated a pseudo “Town Hall” with hand picked experts as he called them. The show was predetermined and drone like. There was little debate and mostly Oz and his “experts” telling the viewers the same song and dance.
    For those who don’t know, Oz owns 150,000 option shares in pharmaceutical maker Siga Technologies. He’s on their board of directors. Oz also lends his fame to REALAGE a marketing platform for BIGPHARMA. He’s not objective, but he is objectionable.

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