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What’s for Dinner? Plant-Based Whole Foods!

September 17th, 2017

What’s for Dinner?

If you are choosing a healthy Lifestyle, the answer will be: Plant-Based Whole Foods!

Dinner can be filled with whole foods that invite wellness to be seated at your table as you dine on the best fresh organic produce, the most delectable organic Greens, and the most flavorful organic tropical fruits like mango and kiwi.

I like to include some chopped onion, bell peppers, crisp cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, a few artichoke hearts, and even some crispy bacon bits. Add some organic salad dressing or a tasty vinaigrette with balsamic vinegar and Dinner is served!

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You Can Get a Little BitCoin Free Using This Faucet! Try It and See for Yourself

September 17th, 2017

Is there such a thing as FREE BitCoin? Can you really get a little bit by using a BitCoin Faucet? Is it genuinely possible for anyone to spend a little time to get a little BitCoin?

The answer is a resounding YES! It is not only possible, but hundreds of thousands of people are doing this right now using this simple method for getting some BitCoin in exchange for their time and attention.

All it take is an hour – watching the Ticker count down from one hour to zero minutes and zero seconds. Then all you do is enter the six lower-case letters in the Captcha field and click on the ROLL! button to process the transaction. It happens in a matter of seconds.

It’s easy, it’s simple, and it works.

BitCoin Roll of the Virtual Dice Faucet

It is free to sign-up to get free BitCoin when you ROLL the virtual dice, play the virtual Lottery tickets, or do any assortment of tasks on the website. You do have to pay attention to the Timer when it counts down to zero and brings up your Captcha field of six letters again every time an hour passes with you logged into your account. The system loads your free Wallet kept on the website with more bits of BitCoin called Satoshi.

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Does Your Body Need a Basic Reset? Betting It Would Make a Difference!

September 12th, 2017

Would your body and your energy levels benefit from a basic reset? Fortunately for you, there’s a company that has a line of natural health products that does just that!

And this company is called, you guessed it: Basic Reset

While you have most likely heard about Coral Calcium and the marvels it has done for people’s health; you may not know where to get the very best and you may not realize how easy it is to use.

This company provides you with a great description of the product, how it is sourced, how it works, how important it is for your health, and how to purchase it using their online system.

There is an introductory video that is worth watching when you visit the Basic Reset website. Learn more about these vital products that will make you feel and look vibrant once again.

Basic Reset Products for Well-Being

Products from Basic Reset make perfect sense for people who want only the best things available to clean their homes like the Earth Wash liquid that is plant-based, safe, and effective on all cleaning jobs along with Primo Java and Bee Gold to provide you with daily solutions to healthy beverages and nutritional products to add to your wellness regimen.

Yes, each of us can make smart choices to improve our health daily with a Basic Reset!

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BitCoin and Crypto-Currencies Capture My Attention!

September 12th, 2017

So now that I am back from an adventure that few would understand or appreciate; I have become intrigued with Crypto-Currencies and BitCoin.

It’s not just a hobby and it is certainly now worth far more than a game for those who want a few investments in the new industry to result in a big pay day.

I will be posting information about alternative coins – called alt coins – like Ethereum and LiteCoin and PlexCoin; so that you can benefit from getting some and learning how to use them to make money or purchase things.

I will be sharing information about investment strategies and companies that have solid systems in place for placing your funds to make more – much more.

I will even be telling you where you can get free BitCoin with games and methods that are either free or fairly easy to use with only the cost of your time and attention.

This is a BRAVE NEW WORLD and we are going to do some amazing things together while you learn how to be healthy and strong.

I’m back and you are in for the ride of your LIFE!

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Europe Ban on Hundreds of Herbs: The End of Reason

June 24th, 2016

This is so completely ridiculous that the public should contest this decision and rescind it in favor of saving traditional knowledge as a cultural treasure. This is more of a ploy for monetizing an enormous market for wellness products for profit through regulation. Although I can understand the value of training to be knowledgeable about selection of the appropriate herbs, we can never underestimate the value of grandmothers and individuals who take care of their families and themselves using these herbs. When was the last time anyone you know used ‘horny goat weed’?

There are far more complications and reactions from standardized pharmaceutical products, but you won’t see very many articles about this problematic situation. Many people are on so many drugs at the same time, that they would not be able to discern which pharmaceutical drug was causing the negative reaction or undesirable side-effect (let alone the doctor). I have tested drugs and found so many harmful interactions that I question the training of future physicians in medical school as well as those in private practice who weren’t paying attention to the indicators and recommendations from the manufacturer or the pharmacy. It would be more rational to use these herbs that are about to be unavailable or highly regulated before resorting to pharmaceuticals whose efficacy must be questioned.

This article describes some of the concerns as well as naming some of the herbs that are at the center of this controversy. It boggles the imagination how they could calculate the effects of regulatory control changing people’s behavior and how in the world those who would be dispensing these herbs can possibly learn enough about their applications when they have not been trained, nor are they experienced in their use. It’s a financial endeavor – not a thoughtful attempt to protect consumers. Consumers of herbal formulations already are aware that the appropriate selection and administration of these herbs comes from an experienced herbalist or healer who uses natural medicine. The understanding of ‘Best Practices’ goes far beyond research or clinical studies. Just because someone gets a license, it doesn’t mean that they know what they are doing for their patients or clients and just because a nation regulates a controlled substance, it doesn’t mean that the standardized form is effective or better than the original system that has drawn attention for a need for a registry.

Europe to Ban Hundreds of Herbal Remedies

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Miss USA Barber: We Live in Parallel Realities When Looking at the Image of Women in This Culture

June 7th, 2016

I watched the interview with Miss USA on “Kelly Live” this morning and I must be living in a parallel reality when it comes to choosing women in our culture who are representative of our ideal image of the feminine gender. Miss USA, the new reigning Miss Barber, does not meet my expectations and is perhaps the extreme opposite of that which fits my idea of women which offer up a distillation of our cumulative cultural model for young girls to emulate and men to admire.

Miss Barber complained about her nutritionist who restricted her consumption of Krispy Kreme donuts for five months during pageant training when presented with a half dozen of the least healthy choices any woman in this country could make for a snack or breakfast munchables. Here is an example of feeling like we live in some strange parallel universe: The representative of women give their power away to other people when making significant decisions about the foods they consume to maintain their health and well-being. This young woman craves donuts, yet is willing to forego eating donuts in order to preserve the image that is felt to embody an ideal. As Miss USA, Miss Barber will be eating those donuts which disrupt her metabolic processes with refined sugar, artificial ingredients, and empty calories that do not sustain her beauty, her work schedule, or her spindly frame.

In my universe, the ideal young woman is well-informed about nutrition and exhibits the discipline, the intelligence, and the inherent wisdom to consume healthy foods which nourish and fortify her body, mind, and spirit. Her choices do not depend upon external gratification or adoration by others, her choices do not include processed foods that are known to be injurious to one’s health, and her choices are not gauged by artificial constraints in place that contradict her innate wisdom to live a balanced lifestyle. My concept of the ideal model of young women in our culture would never eat a donut that does not contribute to her well-being. She would welcome an array of fresh organic blueberries, a slice of organic watermelon, a bowl of organic pineapple, and organic strawberries plucked from her sustainable garden. She would enjoy a salad with a grouping of freshly-picked Greens with vegetables and herbs that promote her health and well-being with every bite. She would volunteer in a soup kitchen to feed our senior citizens and homeless with foods that offer solid nutrition with a smile to feed their souls. She echoes the qualities of ancient Greek Goddess, Demeter.

No, I am not impressed with Miss Barber as Miss USA. She seems more like the Greek Goddess Athena. I listened to her answers to questions given to her during the pageant. Her identity is embroiled in her military career and she seems to be trying to prove that she is just as tough as the guys in the military model of our culture. That alone should give us pause… If she is so invested in needing to prove herself in a traditionally male environment and comes from a family who all serve; then it becomes clear that her own sense of self-worth comes from an external source of evaluation – one that is based upon following orders, curtailing one’s own authority to a chain of command, and pursuing a course of action that models behavior of defeating an adversary beneath the guise of protecting freedom. This does not represent my cultural construct of a young woman who represents the best our country has to offer those of us looking for inspiration, inherent intelligence, or progressive enlightenment. No, quite the contrary… Women nurture others, instead of killing them in war. Women imbue new life, rather than terminating the existence of enemies. Women restore the balance of life, instead of destabilizing regimes with military strategies that undermine the adversary’s way of life. Miss Barber is part of a system that opposes the greatest qualities and characteristics of the feminine gender. She would not be my choice to represent young women or any nation. I am looking for a modern-day Demeter!

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New System – More Secure – Freedom Ensured – Ownership Opportunity: CommHubb

May 21st, 2016

These are powerful words that I am using to describe CommHubb, yet I am confident that this system will prove to be even better than the initial way that I am describing it.

This system is free to join and free to use (at least in most parts of the world). This system is free from the hackers and spammers that have cluttered our Inbox and complicated our daily lives. This system is designed to offer you a chance to participate as an owner of stock just for joining and can bring you even more when you share it with your business associates, friends, and family.

Government has been viewed as overstepping their traditional boundaries, trying to control every facet of our lives, and demonstrating their propensity for corruption and manipulation. This brand new system circumvents all of those problems. Freedom and opportunity – alive and well. The marketing piece below will give you an idea of the level of support you will enjoy when you participate in this new system. Once you join, you can read all of the material that explains the reasons for the development and implementation of this system. It’s exciting, it’s needed, and it’s time has come!

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Longevity: How Do You Live to Be 256 Years of Age? Secrets to Well-Being and a Mindful Life.

May 19th, 2016

256 years is a sign that some knowledge combined with experience has been successful when finding and utilizing the secrets to Longevity and a peaceful mind!

Li Ching Yuen described a very specific way to achieve long life with a career as an herbalist who quite literally ‘walked his talk’ by consuming goji berries, gotu kola, ginseng, and rice wine while doing Qigong. He practiced meditative breathing techniques, enjoyed peace of mind, and got plenty of sleep as he learned the ancient secrets that some even older have mastered over the centuries.

Healthy lifestyles revolve around daily practices that build well-being with consistent practice and discipline with diet and attitude. Your state of mind is exceptionally important when walking through this world for hundreds of years to do all you wish to do, to experience all this world has to offer, and to enjoy the amazing potential that exists in each of us to live a long and prosperous life.

Read the article about Li Ching Yuen: The Oldest Man in the World

The length of his life is fairly well-documented and he spoke of the approach that provided the chance to be married numerous times with many children. He traveled the Eastern world to gather herbs known for Longevity, known for their medicinal value, and known for balancing the systems of the human body as well as the mind.

While you may not be willing to restrict your own diet to these Chinese herbs and rice wine, you can still avail yourself of the health benefits of these jewels that will complement any approach to well-being in the Western world. You may not choose to go into the mountains to gather wild ginseng, but you can benefit from those who do procure ginseng for reputable brands that are familiar and skilled in the ways of processing these herbs and roots to derive the energy that lends to improved states of well-being. You may not choose to drink rice wine or practice disciplines, yet you can glean similar benefits from supplying your body and mind with substances that are recognized to nourish and replenish in subtle and profound ways.

Chinese Herbs Direct – The Internet’s Largest Source for Chinese Herbs

Even if you live half as long as Li Ching, you may find this information as enthralling and purposeful as the ancients have for many centuries to prolong and improve one’s quality of life. Mindful, peaceful, content, and joyful – these are the qualities that give our lives purpose and meaning. Our daily vitality and zest for living is supported with these remarkable substances as they are incorporated into our routines with whole foods and great red wine. When you reach 156, let me know how valuable this information has been for you!

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What If Hospitals and Healthcare Providers Began to Promote Wellness?

December 13th, 2015

It’s a good question – one that administrators and potential patients should be asking when choosing a hospital or healthcare provider. I recently was impressed to learn about a healthcare group who is going to act in such a manner. This hospital chain is going to get rid of the fast food and the contracts that lock them into the cycle of braking all of the rules of a healthy lifestyle. You cannot promote wellness when you are featuring fast foods in your healthcare settings.

Here’s the article that explains the decisions and actions taken to ensure that this healthcare group is acting on their principles. The “Choosing Healthy” campaign is an excellent choice in the implementation of a framework of health and wellness promotion:

“Major Hospital Chain Terminates Lease Early” shows signs that there are some nutrients making their way to the brains of the stakeholders of this organization.

You cannot expect to have healthy employees who are functioning at the top of their professional game when they go to the cafeteria in the hospital and eat burger and fries. Healthy food choices are essential for effective work performance and a healthier lifestyle that is predicated on wellness.

I would hope that other healthcare groups use Allina Health as a model for their wellness initiatives. Progress in this arena is paramount to future success and the promotion of healthcare at all levels of the system. Food first and then the results of healthy daily choices in terms of healthcare and professional management.

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Organic Candied Apples Make Great Healthy Halloween Treats!

October 30th, 2015

There are many parents who want to know what kind of healthy treats are good for Halloween. If you are going to have a party for the kids at your home; then you can make unwrapped goodies for the children and adults in attendance. Although, you can wrap items individually if you want to better ensure that your Halloween treats are sanitary and healthy for those kids who just grab with their fingers regardless of where they’ve been. Cellophane wrappers or bags are available in most local stores that sell baked goods, pastries, donuts, and candy. But health begins in the kitchen and then extends to the end presentation of the product…

The perfect product for this Halloween is the organic candied apple. Organic apples like golden delicious or granny smith are readily available in your grocery stores, Food Co-ops, and Farmer’s Markets. You can also find supplies for making the caramel sauce or the organic hard candy coating that many stores are putting out at this time of year for such an occasion. If you don’t have wooden popsticks, you can use the wooden sticks that many craft stores have in stock. If all else fails, go to that same bakery or candy store and see if they have inexpensive sticks for candied apples that can be purchased separately.

There is a coconut milk caramel sauce that is ready to use that is delicious, thick, and ideal for candied caramel apples. All you need to do is to heat it gently and dip your clean organic apples into the caramel to coat the apple completely; set it on a cookie sheet that has been lined with a silicon sheet; and let them cool gradually until set and ready for eating without drips or burning. Yes, caramel sauce can burn your fingers when you are heating it on the stove. The brand that I adore is Liefie’s Coconut Milk Caramel Sauce.

If you want to get fancy, you can chop some nuts or use coconut flakes to decorate your candied apples. Granola can also be used to give some texture and crunch to the caramel coating. If you like the blended taste of chocolate and caramel, you can use organic chocolate chips that will adhere to the caramel after the apples have cooled a little, but before the caramel is set firmly. You don’t want the chocolate chips to melt from the heat of the caramel right after dipping your apples. The other option for young children who have lost their front teeth and find that biting into an apple isn’t as easy can have frozen bananas that have been dipped into the caramel sauce or simply into some chocolate sauce before rolling it into the chopped nuts or coconut flakes. It’s a good idea to keep the frozen bananas in the freezer until the Halloween party commences to keep them from melting with the candy covering.

There are also candy suckers made with manuka honey, lemon, and ginger root that are good for kid’s immune systems and taste better than most suckers or lollipops. You can find these individually wrapped in a bag at your local Food Co-op or natural foods market. Personally, these lollipops can serve the purpose of protection from the seasonal flu or used to help shorten the length of a cold or the flu. They also make great Halloween treats to hand out to children who come to your door. But be warned, the adults may abscond with these treats before the kids ring that door bell or knock on your door, because they are really ‘good’!

If you are going to make your own caramel sauce, be careful when selecting the sweetener you use to ensure that you have thought of all of the children who are allergic to corn sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners that can cause allergic reactions. Use maple syrup, stevia, organic cane sugar, honey, agave, or even coconut sugar as a healthy alternative to the usual culprits that cause the kid’s adrenals to go crazy after a dozen or so treats. The parents of the children at your party or those who come to the door will thank you for your thoughtful consideration.

Have a fun and healthy Halloween!

I found a companion article about candied apples and healthy ideas for you to get even more ideas:

Natural Candy Apples

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